About Us

About Us

Navigating the job market in Malawi without guidance is like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces-frustrating and fruitless. Since 2014, Myjobo has been transforming the way job seekers find jobs and approach their careers in Malawi. We are not just another job board; we are your committed partner in improving your employability and career development.

At Myjobo, we understand the unique challenges of job hunting in Malawi's dynamic employment landscape. We do more than just list job vacancies; we connect you directly with leading employers and provide the tools you need for success. From career advice and job fairs, to essential employability skills-building workshops, Myjobo equips you to stand out in the job market.

With Myjobo, you are not just searching for any job. You are finding the right job where your skills can shine and your career can flourish. Join us at Myjobo, where your employability and professional growth are our priority, and discover the difference of a job search platform that truly understands your needs. 

How Myjobo boosts your job search?


Gain access to a diverse range of job opportunities directly from leading employers in Malawi. Our platform connects you with direct job vacancies from source, providing firsthand access to positions across industries and career levels.


Get personalised job recommendations tailored to your skills, experience and career goals. Our advanced algorithms match your unique qualifications with the relevant job opportunities in Malawi, ensuring a perfect fit for your expertise and aspirations.


Take advantage of our comprehensive career support resources, including our free CV Builder tool for crafting professional CVs, networking events to expand your connections, workshops for skills enhancement, and valuable job market insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Myjobo is Malawi's leading jobs website, connecting job seekers with job ads, employers, skill-building resources, and career advice while providing regular job market insights. We make it easy for employers to advertise jobs and find qualified candidates, helping them fill vacancies quickly and cost-effectively through access to the most relevant pool of job seekers.

Yes, you can. As an employer, to advertise your job vacancies on Myjobo.com, choose from the available subscription options and click on 'Advertise your Job Now'. We offer a free package that allows you to post up to 3 jobs per year forever. To advertise your brand on our website, send an email to info@myjobo.com for a free consultation on our advertising rates.

Yes Help is here. We will explain in a few.