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Senior Human Resources Services Coordinator

Date Posted: Aug 07, 2021

Job Description

Department: Core-HR (Services Section)

Job Title:
 Senior Human Resources Services Coordinator


Employee No/Job Code:

Title of Immediate Supervisor:
 Human Resources Manager

The Services section is the starting point of all HR activities and therefore the role is to provide strong strategic administrative support to HR processes (recruitment of staff of all grades up to ML1-L2 level, drafting of contracts, employment permits for international staff, welfare (funeral support), updating and safe custody of personal files, managing the exit process, disciplinary matters up to ML1-L2 grade level among others)

The post holder will among other activities, take a leading role in the services section in providing effective administrative support to several general and transactional HR issues.

This post is initially for 20 months, with strong possibility of renewal.

More details of the Job description can be checked by visiting the MLW website or request via the email below.

Remuneration and Benefits

MLW offers an attractive remuneration package which includes a competitive salary package commensurate with the position, a medical aid scheme, 24 hours insurance cover, pension scheme, gratuity benefits redeemable once every year, among others.

MLW also offers opportunities such as scholarships, upgrading and training opportunities to employees. These are based on successful on job performance and other set criteria.

MLW recognizes its responsibility in safeguarding and protecting communities, research participants and patients with whom MLW is working. Please note that successful candidates will be requested to undergo a safeguarding check prior to appointment and at regular time points during employment.



 The major duties and tasks of this job.


  • Ensuring that the staff handbook is adhered to when implementing the day-to-day activities. Therefore, the position also requires familiarity with rules and regulations of MLW provided for in the Staff Handbook and other HR-related policies.
  • Providing guidance wherever applicable to all stakeholders in the various services activities. The person should be conversant with stipulations guiding the activities of the office i.e., Temporary Employment Permits (TEP) requirements, Medical Council Requirements, Funeral support limits, among others.
  • Following and maintaining checklist for Personal Files, TEP process, Medical Council application process.

Document and Record Management


  • Ensuring that all personal files are complete, current, and matching with file checklist requirements.
  • Ensuring that a filing plan is developed and followed. This should ensure that all documents are filed within the specified and agreed timelines.
  • Ensuring that personal files are secured and access to filing cabinets is restricted.
  • To ensure that an up-to-date record of all staff is readily available every month and on time. (a staff list of those on standard contracts, a staff list of international staff, and the Temporary Employment list).
  • To assist in the calculation of turnover rates for Core program staff
  • Ensuring that a detailed Malawi Medical Council (MMC) list is developed, updated, and maintained.
  • To ensure that the staff handbook stipulations are followed and only where beyond the office, matters to be escalated to a higher office within the department.
  • To be the focal point handler of day to day (transactional aspects of) HR activities (about 70% of HR activities)
  • To be able to deputize the HR Manager when delegated, this aspect will alternate with other senior colleagues within the department.
  • To coordinate with other senior team members in the department to ensure smooth functioning of the activities. These are Training & Development Coordinator and Compensation and Benefits Manager.

Staffing/Recruitment, contract drafting (new and renewals), Welfare, Discipline, Exits

  • Coordinating with the Human Resources Manager in managing staff recruitment by being involved with the recruitment cycle (drafting, arranging for Adverts, interview invitations, interview venue booking, interview documents, background checks). For actual recruitment process to assist the panel on recruitment of people in grades TC2 to TC4. Also, to give administrative support for recruitment of people in all grades.
  • Drafting of new employee contracts, confirmation of service contracts and coordinate negotiations for service and supplementary contracts with the input of Compensation and Benefits Manager and Human Resources Manager where required.
  • Ensuring that new recruits files are timely prepared and shared with Compensation and Benefits team for their further action before they ae paced in safe custody of Services section.
  • Being the focal person giving guidance and support of the general welfare issues which are within the mandate of HR department e.g., funeral assistance (related benefits). Having a readily updated list of activities MLW supports in such issues and taking the lead in coordinating with HR Manager, Welfare committee, Staff Representatives, and family of deceased in ensuring that arrangements are transparent, policy-based, smooth and timely.
  • Attending to disciplinary issues and general staff concerns which may be handled at this level but ensuring escalation in a timely manner if deemed beyond the pay grade.
  • Managing staff exit processes (grades TC2 to TC4) or whenever delegated by ensuring that all exits processes are completed. In the case of contract non-renewals, the position holder to ensure that timely communication is done with relevant departmental heads or Principal Investigators (in case of projects) to check on the same and communicate with concerned staff(s) on time.
  • Ensuring that all staff who are exited are taken out of global email address system by liaising with IT department regularly (e.g., every month)

Permits Management

  • Ensuring that all international staff hosted at MLW have the necessary papers to be in the country by timely arranging for applications.
  • Ensuring that the TEP database is updated and tracking of expiry of permits and renewals is done within the stipulated timelines as per the relevant TEP Guidelines. This is to be done by coordinating with the HR Services Officer.
  • Ensuring that timely communication is always maintained with all stakeholders to avoid misunderstandings and ensure clarity of process.


  • Producing relevant reports as required
  • Assisting with relevant HR analytics


The role is critical part of the HR department’s function on all sections and therefore it is Key. Therefore always:

  • Ensure that courtesy is always an approach of choice and avoid engaging in emotional arguments with staff/stakeholders. In the event of difficult situations always escalate the matter to someone higher or seek advice from a colleague.
  • Ensure that all queries and feedback from stakeholders are dealt with as a priority and promptly wherever practical.
  • Ensure that discretion is used especially when involving personal information of staff


  • The job holder has 1 direct subordinate and therefore effective people management skills are paramount. Besides, the person will be part of the department team leadership and active participation in department activities is key.




  • Most of the department’s activities are policy or regulations based, therefore ensure that the position holder strives to be kept current and knowledgeable of key policy issues which form the basis of the section’s work as well as the regulatory stipulations which govern what the department does. (Staff handbook, Malawi Labour legislation)

Health & Safety and Safeguarding

  • To follow safe practice, always respecting the safety of fellow workers as laid out in the MLW Health and Safety Guidelines, and any specific departmental safety protocols.
  • To ensure that all areas of the laboratory section are kept clean and tidy by implementing a routine cleaning and disinfection schedule as instructed.
  • To attend at least once a year, the quarterly scheduled Health and Safety sensitizations.
  • To immediately notify the Line Manager of all accidents and potential hazards.
  • To be aware and ensure that the position holder is aware of safeguarding policy/provisions and act in accordance with these at all times.

 (i.e., Education, Training and Experience Requirements).

  • Education: First Degree (Human Resources, Business Administration or Social Sciences)
  • Experience: At least 5 years relevant experience

 (e.g., IT Skills, Personality, Communication, Teamwork etc.)

  • Good temperamental and emotional intelligence
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (presentational)
  • Experience with main IT platforms (outlook, word, excel, PowerPoint and other specialised databases)
  • Organizational & critical thinking (analytical)
  • Proactiveness
  • Networking skills
  • Open-minded and being flexible

 3-5 decisions are required on the job with minimum input or checking by supervisors.

  • Recruitment advice input
  • Subordinate performance management
  • General welfare assistance

Manuals, policies, procedures, or guidelines that govern decision-making:

  • Staff Handbook
  • Relevant Standard Operating Procedures and policies
  • Malawi Labour legislation (Employment Act, Labour Relations Act among others)

Financial decisions required in this job (e.g., budgets, expenditures, petty cash etc.)

  • Manage sectional budget requirements and implications


(a) For people (supervisory): describe the type of supervision exercised and the number of employees directly reporting and are accountable to this position.

  • HR Services Officer

(b) For resources: describe the type, volume, and value of resources/equipment, etc. for which you have direct responsibility.

  • Staff database platform (staff Complement Schedules)

 The degree of complexity of the job i.e., how simple, standardized or complicated the work is:

  • Complex: The role requires a lot of teamwork within the HR team, and interactions with interdepartmental/sectional and external stakeholders (PIs, HoD, staff, outside of MLW stakeholders), document writing, record management.

The impact of errors on organizational resources, customers, processes, equipment etc.

  • Minimal to HR coordinator level

 Inconvenient or disagreeable aspects of the job e.g.

(a) Uncomfortable Conditions:

  • Mental and Emotional burnout
  • General sensitivities/spatial awareness

(b) Job Hazards:

  • Exposure to pandemic because of frequent interaction with people from all aspects e.g., Covid

 Local and international contacts, frequency, purpose, and method etc.

How to apply

Suitably qualified candidates should forward their applications with copies of relevant certificates, 3 contactable referees and a detailed CV to the address below or email to:


The Human Resource Manager

Malawi-Liverpool –Wellcome Trust

P.O. Box 30096


Blantyre 3

Applications to arrive no later than 20th August 2021 and only short-listed candidates will be contacted

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