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Compassion International's mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. Through a holistic approach to child development, we blend physical, social, economic and spiritual care together. We do all of our work through partnerships with local, evangelical Christian churches. We primarily work though child sponsorship, with over two million children currently sponsored. In summary, Compassion is Christ-centered, church-based and child-focused. If you're interested, keep reading and apply below!

Position: Partnership Facilitator II


This intermediate professional is Compassion's primary liaison to the local church and is responsible for strengthening local ownership, building capacity and resources of local church partners to minister to children and youth in their own context. As the primary liaison, this facilitator is responsible for developing relationships with church partners that are characterized by mutual respect, trust and service that builds up church ministry. He or she is accountable for managing partnership relationships through the Partner Management core process, for improving achievement of church outcomes, and for bringing Compassion's developmental mindset to all other aspects of the partnership, including mobilizing staff and other resources to support the church. At the career level, the incumbent performs independently on moderately complex issues.



  • Acts as an advocate for children. Understands and advances Christ's mandate to protect children. Raises awareness of the needs of children and takes active steps to help protect against neglect, abuse, and exploitation of children. Promotes the dignity, respect, positive treatment, potential of children in all circumstances. Encourages the involvement of others in helping children in need. Reports and appropriately supports responses to incidents of harm of children if they occur.
  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to serve, respect, and empower the church according to principles outlined in Compassion’s ministry philosophies.
  • Develops personal collaborative relationships with the pastor, church or denomination leaders, committees, project staff and other key stakeholders. Builds respect and trust with the church and community by living out Compassion’s cultural behaviors in every interaction. Resolves situations of conflict with the goal of restoring healthy relationships and building greater trust.
  • Builds church ownership and capacity through a developmental mindset and the Partnership Management core process. Works with pastors and church staff to identify capacity development needs. Serves as Compassion’s key liaison with established church partners by mobilizing Compassion’s staff and financial resources in ways that are consistent with a developmental mindset.
  • Builds church capacity for local resource mobilization. Helps churches to identify and mobilize local resources, services and relationships, as well as plan for how to generate their own resources to support the ministry to children and youth. Facilitates the church’s creation of relationships and strategic alliances.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to each church partner’s maturity and context by customizing facilitation work plans and activities to reflect individual church needs. Communicates with the National Office based on church partner maturity and needs. Evaluates and plans with the church for how to best grow in capacity and maturity.
  • Encourages, facilitates and leverages cluster level activities and resources. Fosters and connects relationships within the cluster. Encourages development of cluster-based collaboration and initiatives between local churches for the purpose of improving ministry to children, peer-to-peer learning, and addressing other needs in the families and the community.
  • Encourages churches to actively identify and engage the change makers who influence change in children and youth, such as parents, schools, peers, etc. Encourages the participation of parents, children and youth in all aspects of the ministry, including program design, local resource mobilization, decision making, etc. Encourages and facilitates church involvement in the broader community as an agent of social transformation that promotes child development and child protection.
  • Builds church partner ownership of child protection standards. Facilitates the contextualization of child protection practices at church partners. Supports child protection investigations as necessary.
  • Is accountable to the Partnership Management strategic process objectives. Uses metrics and feedback from the church to identify areas for self development and improvement.
  • Has final accountability for Compassion commitments to the church, and for programmatic and sponsor engagement deliverables. Coordinates with the appropriate administrative assistants as locally defined, and those in Program Support or Business Support who have responsibility for Compassion’s role in those deliverables to ensure quality and completion.
  • May participate in partnership preparation and selection activities as guided by the country's specific strategy.
  • Utilizes expanded knowledge and capabilities in mobilization and facilitation practices to identify needs at church partners and apply the appropriate experts to develop solutions.
  • Effectively understands the fundamental details and needs of each church partner. Further communicates vision, needs, and goals surrounding the implementation of child and youth ministry at each church partner.
  • May provide expertise to other professionals and support staff in the partnership discipline.





  • Accountable for supporting, upholding, and engaging in Compassion's core "Cultural Behaviors" in all internal and external communication and relationships.

  • Bachelor's Degree in related field.

  • Three years experience working in this or similar position or field.


*Equivalent education, training and/or certification may be substituted for experience and education shown above


Travel Requirements

May be required to travel up to 50% of normal schedule

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The application deadline is April 15th. The anticipated start date for this position is July 1st or later.

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