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Individuals Consultants (Finance, Accounting, HR & Administrative Services)

Date Posted: Feb 16, 2021

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The Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation (MGIC) is seeking proposals for this competitive solicitation for  individuals to provide finance, accounting, HR and administrative services to support MGIC’s country team(s). 


Financial support will consist of: 

  • financial planning and management support, 
  • procurement of goods and services, and 
  • contract management support. 

Accounting support will consist of: 

  • payment for goods and services support, 
  • bank & cash management support 

HR and administrative support will consist of: 

  • training survey support 
  • meeting and event planning 
  • documentation of updates and progress for relevant projects and tasks 
  • preparation of country statutory requirement tracker 
  • general administrative support as needed 


MGIC will accept and evaluate proposals only from bidders which meet all the following criteria and requirements:


  • Experience with nonprofits and recipients of US Government funds 
  • Must not be listed as ineligible to receive federal funding on the following three websites: 1.System for Award Management ( 

2. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions Lists, including the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN)  ( ); and 

3.United Nations Security Council Consolidated Sanctions List ( ). 

  • Professional fluency in English (French and Portuguese also highly desired) 


  • Cover letter (maximum 1 page) 
  • Highlight past experience with finance, accounting, and in the international development sector
  • CV (maximum 2 pages) 
  • Cost proposal (maximum 1 page) 
  • Describe your proposed form of compensation -hourly vs. monthly rate
  • Include estimated monthly expenses (e.g.  Internet, phone) -note that the contractor will be expected to work remotely with little to no travel (any travel  required will be reimbursed) 
  • References (3 pages max) 
  • 3 professional references from clients who have previously worked with the bidder on similar scopes of work  (include their name, title, organization, phone number, and email address)


Proposals must be organized according to the submission requirements and proposal format above. Proposals must address all the requirements as noted above. Proposals must not exceed 7 pages, Calibri Font, size 11 or similar. Credentials are not included in the page limitation.

Proposals which fail to address each of the submission requirements above may be deemed non-responsive and will not be further considered.

Note that responses to RFP requirements must be specifically answered within the context of the submitted proposal. MGIC’s evaluation team will not refer to a designated website, brochure or other location for the requested information.

Responses that use references to external materials as an answer will be considered non-responsive.


The evaluation for each response to this RFP will be based on vendor demonstrated competence, compliance, format, and organization. The purpose of this RFP is to identify service providers that have the interest, capability, and experience to supply MGIC with the services requested. Selection will be based on price, quality of service, and vendor experience. All proposals will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria:

  • Experience implementing a similar scope - 50 points
  • Cost proposal - 35 points
  • References - 15 points

If MGIC deems it necessary to assess the factors listed above beyond the proposal, MGIC may schedule interviews with a shortlist of respondents at its discretion. MGIC may contact references at its discretion.


A. The Request for Proposal is not and shall not be considered an offer by MGIC.

B. All responses must be received on or before the date and time indicated on the RFP. All late responses will be rejected.

C. All unresponsive proposals will be rejected.

D. All proposals will be considered binding offers. Prices proposed must be valid for the entire period provided by the respondent.

E. All procurement will be subject to MGIC contractual terms and conditions and contingent on the availability of funding.

F. MGIC reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation or cancel the procurement process at any time, without assigning any reason, and shall have no liability to any vendors submitting RFPs for such rejection or cancellation of the procurement.

G. MGIC reserves the right to accept all or part of the quotation when awarding the purchase order/contract.

H. All information provided by MGIC in this RFP is offered in good faith. Individual items are subject to change at any time and all bidders will be provided with notification of any changes. MGIC is not responsible or liable for any use of the information submitted by bidders or for any claims asserted therefrom.

I. MGIC reserves the right to require any bidder to enter into a non-disclosure agreement.

J. The bidders are solely obligated to pay for all costs, of any kind whatsoever, which may be incurred by the bidder or any third parties, in connection with the Response.

All Responses and supporting documentation shall become the property of MGIC, subject to claims of confidentiality in respect of the Response and supporting documentation, which have been clearly marked confidential by the bidder.


  1. RFP Issuance -February 10, 2021
  2. Questions submitted via email no later than -February 17, 2021
  3. Responses toquestions shared with the potential respondents -February 19, 2021
  4. Proposal due date -February 26, 2021


Submit through Smartsheets via: 


Virginie Combet, Senior International Program Specialist, PHIA


About the Organization

The Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation (MGIC) is a nonprofit affiliate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) through which UMB administers its international programs. MGIC currently has offices in eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia. MGIC's operations support the research and clinical programs of the School of Medicine, Institute of Human Virology's Center for International Health, Education and Biosecurity (CIHEB).

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