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Technical Support for PEPFAR Programs in Southern Africa (TSP) is a five-year bilateral cooperative agreement between Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation-Malawi (Baylor-Malawi) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Malawi. The goal of this activity is to accelerate progress toward achievement of the “95-95-95” targets for HIV epidemic control in Malawi through implementation of cost-effective and innovative interventions to increase HIV case finding, linkage to treatment for HIV, management of associated conditions including Tuberculosis (TB), and viral load suppression among People Living with HIV (PLHIV).  The project runs from year Mar 2016- Sep 2021 and works in 7 districts in the Central and South-eastern zones of Malawi; Lilongwe, Mangochi, Machinga, Mulanje, Phalombe, Balaka and Salima.


The project is seeking a consultant to document project milestones realized during the five years of technical implementation demonstrating the success of the project’s investments. This will entail:

– Shooting and producing a short video documentary

– Writing project wide, district specific and human-interest success stories

– Updating of the project factsheets/ project write ups


– Selection of pictures to illustrate project activities and response across the technical areas

– Providing input for end of project narrative report

The assignment will be participatory and guided by the project branding guidelines and donor communication regulations.

Key tasks to be performed within this Scope of Work:

The consultant should work closely with the relevant program leadership and technical teams to design a storyline. The end products should resonate with both a global and local audience.

Task 1: Prepare an inception report and work Schedule

  • The consultant, after reviewing project documentation, will hold an inception meeting with the project team to (i) review and discuss the process for conducting the assignment, (ii) determine roles and responsibilities (iii) identify preliminary background information related to the assignment (iv) finalize a draft work plan in an inception report which will be submitted to TSP leadership for approval.
  • The work plan will guide this assignment to facilitate close monitoring of the progress, timely completion of all tasks, and satisfactory end-results.

Task 2: Develop a script and / or a storyboard for the documentary video interviews and story writing.

  • The consultant will engage with the project team and moderate a session to develop a script that will guide the content and flow of the video and the write-up to ensure there is a similar layout for all the content that are developed The Story to be told.
  • The script should highlight the background, the problems that the project sought to address, the strategic approaches, and how the project interventions responded to the challenges.
  • The story will also highlight and reflect the beneficiary perceptions on the results, achievements and impact of the project’s interventions.
  • For the write-up, the consultant will moderate the session to determine the content and flow of the written documentation.
  • The story will demonstrate the good health outcomes at client level and sustained quality services delivery capacity within the MOH system to underscore sustainability of the interventions beyond the life of the project. The consultant will also work closely with the project team to determine the components of the story to be told, the respondents to be interviewed, sites to be visited to gather materials for the deliverables.

Task 3: Conduct interviews with selected speakers.

  • The consultant will conduct interviews with select MOH Staffs, TSP Staff, clients and collaborating partners capturing experiences, successes, and lessons learnt.
  • The consultant will interview and record the selected speakers as per the script towards the production of video documentaries, success stories write ups that will capture all project themes and highlight project key milestones, lessons learnt, best practices, results, and impacts of the Project’s interventions.

 Task 4: Production.

  • The consultant will piece together the information materials captured in the above tasks to produce draft written and audio-visual documentaries in English while ensuring high quality documentation standards in written and video editing and cutting to produce the videos in a high-quality production format and formats that can be used in websites and social media platforms.
  • The raw materials to be used will include archived materials by the project and materials generated by the consultant. The production will ensure inclusion of smooth transitions, voice-overs, narration, sub-titles, animation, and so on, to deliver a captivating documentary.
  • The final production delivery will include a written documentation for publication, an abridged 5-minute video, and an extended 15 to 30-minute video.

 Task 5: Write and design project stories, briefs/fact sheets, and success stories.

  • Throughout the processes in the tasks above, ensure inclusion of the interests of the final story write-up and document project implementation and impact to include project briefs/fact sheets, success stories, and best practices to include high quality illustrations and pictures as provided by the Project in Task 2 above.
  • The final write-up and design layout should be of high-quality demonstrating project impact and sustainability of its interventions.

 Performance Period:

This is a performance-based assignment and the final approved deliverables are expected on or before September 15, 2021. Actual timeline will be developed after discussion with the selected consultant. Sufficient time will be allocated to ensure content is relevant and brings about the desired results.

 Performance Station(s):

Fieldwork interviews will be conducted across the project implementation district and most of the central work will be done virtually or from the TSP head office in Lilongwe.


  • Inception meeting report and work-plan including a detailed timeline for the filming and writing process (Concept and scenario) approved by the project.
  • Draft script for review with project team (brief synopsis, script and storyboard of the main documentary) and final script with interview matrix mapping to the story board to include questions and interview individuals and locations and approved by the project.
  • Draft written documentation content approved by the project management.
  • High-Quality (High Definition) and portable long and abridged video versions for feedback and final cut.
  • Final submission should also include master footage of all interviews.
  • A soft copy of project story write-up (s) Project wide, Program specific and district specific, human interest success stories – based on their strength for review and approval.
  • A print ready soft copy of final story layout and design for the Project’s approval.
  • A selection of pictures to illustrate project activities and response across the technical areas (with all necessary consent forms)


  • Degree in communication, journalism, video production or other related fields
  • Applicants should have extensive experience in gathering story materials packaging videos and information products into impactful and compelling stories in Public Health.
  • Applicants should provide examples of communications materials (both printed and audio-visual) in the recent past (not more than five years).
  • Proven experience in telling success stories in written and audio-visual materials.
  • At least five years’ relevant experience in developing communications and knowledge management products.
  • Knowledge and experience with USAID branding requirements and able to work within tight timelines.
  • Access to high quality filming, light, sound and editing equipment.


Copyrights for all materials, content and output associated with this project will be fully reserved by the TSP program implemented by Baylor-Malawi.


How to apply

Interested consultants should send an electronic expression of interest by 19th June, 2021 to:


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