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Date Posted: Apr 07, 2021

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The National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi (NASFAM) is implementing the Titukulane project in Zomba and Mangochi district. The Titukulane project is led by CARE and supported by a consortium of four partners (Emanuel International, International Food Policy Research Institute, Save the Children and Water Aid). The project is being funded by the United States Agency of International Development (USAID). The goal of Titukulane is to achieve equitable, sustainable and resilient food and nutrition security for ultra-poor and chronically vulnerable households and communities in Mangochi and Zomba. To achieve this goal, Titukulane has established three purposes namely:

Purpose 1 in Titukulane focuses on improving the resilience of ultra-poor and chronically vulnerable households by increasing income from both farm production and off-farm income-generating activities

Purpose 2 is designed to address reproductive health, nutrition and sanitation. Key pathways under this purpose include diet diversity, access to improved nutritious food, availability of safe water and improved hygiene, improved access to quality communal health and nutrition services.

Purpose 3 aims to transform the capacity systems responsible for resilience, specifically providing support to the government of Malawi to operationalize the National Resilience Strategy.

Titukulane partners have each been assigned a role under each purpose in the project based on its area of expertise.

NASFAM’s role is to facilitate stepping up and stepping out clusters market crop, livestock and fish commodities and this falls under purpose 1. A total of 110,400 households will participate in marketing during the project period across Zomba and Mangochi district. The households have been classified based on their social economic status into three clusters (a principle adopted from the Malawi’s National Resilience Strategy). The clusters are hanging in stepping up and stepping out. Hanging in are defined as individuals in the lowest end of the poverty continuum that are ultra-poor and have limited capacities.

The Stepping up cluster, are ultra-poor households with some labor capacities but with resources too limited to enable them to become food self-sufficient. The third cluster is the group of individuals beginning to move up the poverty continuum as they acquire additional assets, but they are food insecure for part of the year, each year. This classification will assist the Titukulane project to tailor interventions effectively by identifying market information needs and sustainable dissemination methods suitable for each cluster. Under each cluster, women and youth, will be considered as a strategic impact group, to address systematic weaknesses that limit opportunities and reduce their likelihood of sustained outcomes.

It is empirical that these clusters access market information that is credible, relevant in facilitating them to make informed decisions in market forecasts and linkages. Existing research on agricultural market information needs assessment, indicated that project participants market information needs include; market prices and identifying buyers. However, there is need to contextualize market information needs based on cluster needs and the Zomba and Mangochi district setup. It is a challenge for the project to determine the exact market information needs of the project clusters without a clear assessment to inform the implementers. Therefore, they is need to conduct a market information needs assessment that will use existing research as its bases to customize local (Zomba and Mangochi) agricultural market information needs.

Therefore based on this background NASFAM is calling for consultants services to conduct a Market Information Needs Assessment in Zomba and Mangochi district.

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All interested Consultants can obtain the Statement of Work and Terms of Reference from NASFAM by sending an email requesting for the two documents on:


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    30 Apr, 2021

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