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Ascent Soccer is an influential soccer club and academy in Southeast Africa, renowned for its commitment to fostering talent and potential in the region. Functioning as both a green soccer club and an academy, our organization is driven by a strong social impact mission.

Our core objective is to uplift the lives of young individuals in some of the most economically challenged countries in Southeast Africa. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive educational experience, essential life skills, and character development, alongside unparalleled soccer skill enhancement. Our approach aims to create well-rounded individuals equipped for success on and off the field.

Originating in Malawi and holding registered charity operations in the USA and Canada, Ascent Soccer was established in 2014. We meticulously select and work with more than 85 boys and girls hailing from various corners of Southeast Africa. The outcomes of our efforts have been remarkable, as our graduates have secured transformative scholarships at prestigious global boarding schools. Additionally, our accomplished scholars have proudly represented our academy in youth national teams and distinguished European club tournaments.

At Ascent, our vision extends beyond individual achievements. We are committed to guiding the youth toward the realization of their full potential. This entails not only cultivating exceptional young men and women who excel in their respective communities but also laying the foundation for future graduates' triumphs.

In contrast to initiatives that spread their resources thinly over numerous participants for short durations, we prioritize quality over quantity. Our strategy involves a profound investment in talent, ambition, and potential. By doing so, we empower a select group of aspiring leaders to harness the opportunities and platform provided by Ascent Soccer throughout Southeast Africa. Our ultimate aim is to instigate long-lasting, transformative change at a systemic level.

Ascent Soccer's legacy is deeply rooted in the drive to create a lasting impact on both individuals and communities, serving as a beacon of empowerment and progress for the entire Southeast African region.

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