About Us

About Us

Myjobo is Malawi's most popular job site and online career resource for students, recent graduates, and job seekers.

Since 2014, Myjobo has helped thousands of students, recent graduates, and job seekers kick-start their careers, and worked with several employers to successfully connect with the best Malawian talent to join their organisations.

Our mission is to help people find work. We constantly work to ensure that the employment process is as seamless, painless, and fast as possible, for both the applicant and the employer.

Myjobo is the ultimate platform connecting employers with skilled candidates by offering job vacancy postings, an online CV database, an enhanced job board, job/career fairs, career guidance, and recruitment services. Simplify your job search or hiring process with Myjobo and unlock a world of opportunities in the Malawian job market.

How It Works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ndi ineyo Myjobo. Wamva ayise?

Click register and then basi

To update your profile on Myjobo.com:

  1. Login to your Myjobo account
  2. Hover the mouse over the My Profile in the right upper corner of the page.
  3. Click on Edit Profile

This will take you to a page where you can update the profile details

We recommend you to update your Profile regularly. 

Recruiters/Employers often contact only those candidates who have recently updated their profiles